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The following Guide is being revised over from many other guides that were made by others, its is supposed to be simplified and should aid juniors completing their task quest, and to prevent them from putting up unnecessary posts.


*Thanks to the information and work contributed & taken from Tyrande, Ander[Abc], Yz, Tsubasa, YuYin, jakish and tequilaPOP, thus aids me for making this guide complete



This Guide only consists of [Task] Quests, as [Event] Quests often associates with Job Change, I will cover that on another guide as it will make this guide less messy.

The Rewards may not be entirely accurate, but the main aim is for you to complete the quest with ease.

I still cant remember exactly what you need to do for Quest #35 & #37, but its almost on the right track, you need to do alittle trial and error~

Also, if the necessary Starting Quest NPC does nto responese, plz try editing your Kal system file and change country=1 from 2, this will change the version to korean, talk to the npc to get the ques, change back to English while hutnig the item as it would help you to recognise the items needed.


Task Quest #1, No Levl Req


Town: Narutooh

1. Talk to Sailor, Gwang-Chun

2. Find Item: Messgae, drop from Demon SpearHead and return to Gwang-Chun

Reward: 50exp


Task Quest #2, No Level Req.


Town: Narutooh

1. Talk to Chief guard, Sea-Geun

2. Find Item: Message, drop from Demon SpearHead and return to Sea-Guen

Reward: 50exp


Task Quest #3, No Level Req.


Town: Narutooh

1. Talk to Chief guard, Mak-AnSsoo

2. Find Item: Demon Strategic Map, drop from Demon SpearHead and return to Mak-AnSoo

3. Go to Jook-Suh Cargo Station and talk to Sae-Won

Reward: 200geon, 1 Contribution Point


Task Quest #4, Level Req 6


Town: Narutooh

1. Talk to Farmer, Ji-Hun, then talk to Joo Jimin

2. Find Item: 10 Bows, drop from Demon Escort Archers and return to Joo Jimin.

3. Talk to Ji-Hun once more

Reward: 542exp, 1 Contribution point


Task Quest #5, Level Req 8


Town: Jook-Suh Cargo Station

1. Talk to Farmer, Nu-Woong, then go to Geun-Oh Mines and Talk to Gwee Sik.

2. Find Item: 10 Suicide Bomber Oil, drop from Suicide Bomber and return to Gwee Sik.

3. Go back to Nu-Woong lastly.

Reward: 1157exp, 1 Contribution point


Read more,go to http://www.rmtmark.com/server_list.aspx?game_id=54

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