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Please help review my first OC =]~


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Hi there;


I've just done some overclocking and have copied down everything in my BIOS and hope that you all could tell me whether I'm all good to go!

I have a Core i5 760 with an Asus P7P55D-E Motherboard.



These are the steps that I took.


1.) Went into the BIOS and disabled Intel SpeedStep (Which also took away the option to even see Intel Turbo, so I assumed that turning off SpeedStep also turned about Intel Turbo


2.) Went back into Windows, turned on Prime95 and ran CPU-Z to see my stock voltage which happened to be 1.024.


3.) Went back into the BIOS and went down to Core Voltage and turned it to <Manual> and set it to 1.024.


4.) Went back into Windows to make sure everything was ok.


5.) Went back into the BIOS and turned on Xtreme Phase Full Power Mode and then I started raising my BCLK (Baseclock) bit by bit until I received a blue screen. I was able to hit about 169 BCLK before I got a blue screen. When this happened, I started increasing my Core Voltage. I did not touch anything else other than those two items.


6.) After running Prime, with my BCLK at 176 and Core Voltage at 1.120, I felt that everything was going well and I went back into my Bios and re-enabled Intel SpeedStep but left Turbomode off.



These are my current settings based off my Asus P7P55D-E Bios settings in the AI Tweaker.


Ai Overclock Tuner [Manual]

OC From CPU Level Up [Auto]

CPU Ratio Setting [Auto] <-- (Nothing happened when I pressed entered while this was highlighted. So I had to leave it on auto..?)

Intel SpeedStep Tech [Enabled]

Intel Turbomode Tech [Disabled]

Xtreme Phase Full Power Mode [Enabled]

BCLK Frequency [176]

PCIE Frequency [100]

DRAM Frequency [Auto]

QPI Frequency [Auto]


Asus/3rd Party UI Priority [Asus Utility]


OC Tuner

Start Auto Tuning [Turbo Profile]


DRAM Controlling <----(I didn't touch this)


CPU Differential Amplitude [Auto]

CPU Clock Skew [Auto]


CPU Voltage Mode [Manual]

Fixed Voltage [1.1875]

Current CPU Core Voltage [1.112V]


IMC Voltage [Auto]

Current IMC Voltage [1.221V]

(It jumps around though... is that normal?)


DRAM Voltage [Auto]

Current DRAM Voltage [1.503V]

(Also jumps around by itself, doesn't stay at this voltage all the time)


CPU PLL Voltage [Auto]

Current PLL Voltage [1.812V]

(Also jumps around by itself, doesn't stay at this voltage all the time)


PCH Voltage [Auto]

Current PCH Voltage [1.056V]



DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHA [Auto]

DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHB [Auto]


Load Line Calibration [Auto]

CPU Spread Spectrum [Auto]

PCIE Spread Spectrum [Auto]



And for some pictures;


This is my CPU-Z and Temps Before running Prime.




and this is DURING Prime




Does everything look good to you all?

My temp, voltages, whether I turned on or off the right options?

I think turning off Turbo was good and leaving SpeedStep on so that it wasn't running full power the whole time I was on the computer.



All input is appreciated. Thank you~

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Since you are very close to stock bclk ratio your board is still able to use speed step but probably can't control the voltage like it would normally. Once you start getting to a higher bclk say 180 or more I would be surprised if your your core clocks didn't stay at the fastest speed all the time.


By the looks of your voltage and if that really is stable I would say you have one hell of a chip there and I would push it to the limit of your current CPU cooler. What are the specs of your rig?

How long did you run prime 95? Try Intel Burn Test and OCCT. Sometimes a processor will pass one and not the other. You should aim to pass them all every time. Your temps and voltages are very good, I would say you have a lot of headroom still.

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