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Hunting Season



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  1. 1. Are You hunting this year?

    • Yes. For this first time.
    • Yes. Again.
    • No. Never.
    • No not this year.
  2. 2. Method.

    • Bowhunting.
    • Rifle hunting.
    • Muzleloader.
    • Crossbow.
    • Primitive weapons.
    • Shotgun.

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Hi Guys

Well as the title says, who is hunting this year? I know bow season is already open here and probably else where so feel free to discuss 'weapons' (is that the word i want) deer, turkey, previous years, future plans and most importantly what you get. If i get time i may post a list of the different opening days and such but for now, just tell us what your intended prey is, what you intended to shoot it with and of course that monster you bagged last year.




I'll start; I intended to go deer hunting with a 30.30. And idont have any previous years monsters because i am just getting my license this year for the first time. :evilgrin:

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Speed, I'm an avid hunter and fisherman. I bow hunt, muzzle load and rifle hunt for deer and wild hogs. I also like to turkey hunt. Our bow season opened on October 1st, muzzle loader this weekend and then modern gun the weekend of November 13th. Bow season runs from October 1 thru February 28 :)


I've killed dear by all three methods and one hog with my rifle. The weekend of November 6 I'm going to central Arkansas to try and stick a wild hog with my bow. I also love to pheasant hunt (which is my favorite hunt of all).


Tools for the harvest;


Rifle = trusty old Remington .270 Bolt Action (Model 700 BDL)

Archery deer = Martin Sabre

Pheasant = Stevens 12g side by side or Benelli Legacy Sport 12g

Turkey = Mossberg pump 12g


After spring turkey season you'll find me on the river or the lake. I enjoy bass and crappie fishing (mainly bass because I fish competitively). Here is my ride;


By wevsspot at 2007-04-05

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I have been hunting and fishing since I could walk. I am currently stalking a mature 8-point with my bow.


As for method I hunt bow season with an old PSE, firearm season with a Remington 870 (also used for small game), and muzzleloader season with an old school TC.

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