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(re)Build Blues


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Hello All,


I started out at the end of July hunting around on Newegg, looking to start a build with enough juice to run everything, and look decent in the process...


So I spent about 1000 dollars, and got started, reusing the drives out of my old computer(s).


Phenom II x4, MSI mainboard, integrated graphics, 8GB OCZ RAM... the computer ran perfectly.


CPU temperatures, at 3.4GHz, under full load, ran a wonderful 40o C.

CPU temperatures, at 3.4GHz, at idle, ran a wonderful 25o C.


All is good.


Then my mother wanted a desktop computer, so we bought some new stuff.


Assembled her new computer:

Antec Sonata III

MSI 785GT-E63

AMD Athlon II x2 7850 BE

Stock AM3 cooler (came with the Phenom)


750 WD Caviar Green

Antec Earthpower 500W PSU


Machine runs great, no problems.


Put my new machine together again:

xClio 2000 Supertower

Phenom II x4 965

Gelid Tranquilo

Gigabyte GA-890XA-UD3



320GB Hitatchi Deskstar

2TB Samsung Spinpoint

Corsair tx750w


Tried installing Windows 7. Failed.


Again, got deep enough into windows, tried installing drivers machine locked up, Failed.


Went in and underclocked to 2.0 Ghz



Reset the Multiplier to Auto.

Web browsing? Runs fine

Typing papers? Runs fine

Playing Flash/java based games? Runs fine.

Playing Music? Runs fine

Start a stability Test? System locks.

Try to recode video? System locks.



I thought might have been a RAM issue.

Downloaded latest version of memtest.


Checked all connections onboard. Reseated external cards.

Tried again.

Same deal.

Thought it might have been voltages.


Sought help using the Google machine.

Found an interesting thread: HERE...

Checked my voltages with AMD OverDrive. They are well within reasonable specs.

But, I need to at least be able to use this computer daily, being in college and all...


The only thing I can seem to find consistant is that when the machine is subjected to a load, it locks up. If music is playing, it plays the last like 25 frames over and over again,

The displayed video just stops.

The only thing that does work is hard rebooting the computer….


Please help…


Jonathan Briggs

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Sounds like a temperature issue? Is your processor heatsink seated properly with sufficient heat sink compound?


What are the core temperatures on the processor?

I too think it might be the compound, did you reapply? If so did you

clean it before you reapplyed? How much did you put on! Hopfully you didn't cover the processor,

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