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laptop that meets the specs is cool what do u think?


well im going to get a nice laptop here in the next few months but ive got a few question?

also here are the requirements

16inch screen minimum

30 gb hd minimum

nice graphics card i will be gaming

has to have custom paint or can you recommend a good place that can do custom paint

also if possible ati graphic card based

ok thats about it now

1 what brand? id like something like a nice alienware,sager or maybe voodoo something like that

2 get a 64 bit or pentium also are their any amd based companies out their?

3 any link you can give me would be great

thanx for the help justin

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I have a dell 8100, and she is good for gamming, then again she only has a 15" screen but uxga graphics and i have a 64mb ati 7500 mobility in her. she does good with half life, and the suchs, and can even give ut 2003 a run for it's money. <gotta remember 8100 is oldish 2/3 years old...lol> anyways, check out dell, I have 30gb hd, and I have wireless and the such, so yeah it pays off a bit.

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I just ordered an Alienware Area 51m. The specs are -


16" display

P4 3.0GHz HT 800MHz fsb

1GB PC-3200 Dual-channel DDR

ATi Radeon Mobility 9600 Pro 128MB

60GB Hitachi HDD w/ 8MB cache

Silver paint (you have the choice of silver, blue, and green)

CD-RW/DVD-R combo drive


It certainly wasn't cheap; North of $3k. I did a good bit of research and found that this is the best solution for me. Your needs may be different but I posted the specs as they are similar to what you are looking for. Check Alienware, Voodoo, Sager, etc., and compare, compare, compare.


Hope this helps!

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