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I dont have anything definetely for sale yet but if anyone is interested in these items please contact me and i will come up with a price.


#1 AMD 950MHz CPU system: 250w PSU RUUS MS-6330 Version 2.1 Mobo heatsink included. 128MB stick of Infineon ram and a 256MB stick of EDGE ram. Case is a toolless design 2 External 5.25" bays 2 3.5" External bays, 3 internal 3.5" bays Toolless mobo removal(all parts included.) Full ATX

#2 IEEE 1394A Card. 2 firewire ports 1 mini USB (believe it works but cant test it as i dont have any firewire devices.

#3 3 modem cards #1 has 2 conection ports and mike and speaker ports(chip made made by conexant) #2 Same only made by intel.#3 2 connection ports no other ports made by Intel (all 3 should work but i cant test them)

#4 Creative PCI sound card model CT5306(will test shortly)

#5 Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz w. stock heatsink. works. i may yet keep this but if you want it tell me

#6 2 floppy drives with ribbon cables. work.

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