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Hybrid Motherboard

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i recently saw this motherboard which supports both am2+ cpu and ddr3 ram

i chatted with the online support and the guy told me that its a hybrid motherboard

and then i took a closed look at the socket that is the am2+ socket


anyone think this would do am2+ and ddr3?

here is the link


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I'm not sure what you're asking

but any of these would do:



however a true hybrid board (assuming that means both ddr2 and ddr3 capable) would be one of these







the only ddr3 only I see is the one you posted

I'm not sure if it applies to all but the one board mentions that ddr3 is only supported by running an AM3 chip with it, whatever one you choose I'd make sure you can pair whatever AM2+ chip with DDR3 memory on it

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