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Hey guys, I've been busy with school :) exams until nov 6 :(


The pics stopped posting as i ran out of bandwidth on photobucket, thats all taken care of now as i made my account PRO (unlimited bandwidth).


Ill be posting pics soon :) right after my exams



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I think what your doing is just fantastic.The amount of work,thought,planning and money youve put into this is just awesome.I wish i had the skills to do a project like that.Kudos to you sir :thumbsup:



I am... amazed, to say the least.

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Heres a question that came up from another forum:



Can you explain how the EK triple link works?





I can't quite get my head around how you link up the fittings to get water to all three cards at once. Is there some part/fitting i'm not seeing in that picture?



heres a diagram.




There are 5 inlets/outlets total, 2 on each end and 1 on one of the sides.


This setup requires a good amount of flow as all three cards will be sharing the flow from the inlet. The reason why i am using the parallel link instead of serial is because the coolant tempurature going to each card will be the same where as in series the third card connected in the series will be receiving the highest coolant temperature because the coolant must pass through card one, than to card two, than to card three.


Hope this answers your question.

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Here is a drawing I made in Paint that illustrates the New Brace System that will hold up the Section where the motherboard sits, that way it does not sag. The Current (soon be to old) brace system uses 1" x 1/8" flat bar bent 90° at each end and than bolted to the middle piece, It works but theres about a 1/16" sag which i dont like at all (mobo will flex too much for my liking).


The New Brace System incorporates 1" x 1/8" flat bar on each side and THREE 1" x 1" x 1/16" wall square tubing going accross, each tube being welded to the 1" x 1" flat bars. The flat bars will be bolted to the middle section and each 1x1 square tube will be either tapped and threaded with two 8-32 threads(one on each side) or I will be putting in two 8-32 threaded Rivets.


The strenght of the Square tubing will be more rigid and prevent the sag when the weight of the Motherboard, cards etc. are placed on top.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Thanks for the replies guys.

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The competition seems like its a design competition as what I have here is an actual real life custom case built :)


I will give it a try though :) but i dont think it fits in the criteria :) If i could design, i would, i just dont know how to use the softwares available.


Thanks for the input :)


i'll be posting more pics soon, just waiting on exams :)


the next step is drilling the approx. 100 holes for wiring :) should be fun



stay tuned

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Ok guys..


I just ordered some parts from performance-pcs.com.


Here is the short list:


1 x Connectx™ ATX 8-pin Male connector housing, Black (ACR-CB1233)

1 x Connectx™ ATX 8-pin Female connector housing, Black (ACR-CB0618)

4 x Bitspower BP-MBWP-C43 G1/4" Fitting Spacer - Mini - Matte Black (BP-MBWP-C43)

2 x *** NEW *** Koolance Reservoir Body, 120mm Length, 236ml (TNK-BD120)

1 x *** NEW *** EK-FC Link BLANK Parallel (EK-FC-LINK-BLANK-PAR)

1 x *** NEW *** Koolance Reservoir Top with Fill Port (COV-TKTOP)

1 x *** NEW *** Koolance Reservoir Nozzle Base [no nozzles] (TNK-COVBTM)

4 x Bitspower Case Top Water Fill/ Through Hole Fitting Set - Matte Black Finish (BP-MBWP-C04)

2 x IandH Silver KillCoils - Antimicrobial .999 Fine Silver Tubing / Reservoir Strip (IANDH-KILLCOIL)


This should allow me to hook up the two loops and finalize the watercooling part of the project.


I also ordered something called 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Vinyl from eBay. 2'x4' sheet black for $50 USD + 11 USD Shipping to Canada.



stay tuned, HOpefully i get the stuff in from PPCs by friday so I have the weekend to install.

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here is the 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Vinyl I will be using on the build.


its textured and reflects light just like real carbon fiber. There are other vinyls out there that reflect more light and are glossier but its not what i wanted.


It should arrive in the next 2-3 days, Ill post pics of when it comes in :)

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Wow man.. firs of all. I wanna congratulate you. Seems you have a lot of knowledgement about modding.


It looks cool. Well for me is a bit too much big because is like 4 cases size.but its ok if you looking forward to future. Anyway I dont think you need to put like 6 GPU in the nearly future... for any game. Maybe for render.


On a second tough I am impressed on how much money do you have lolz. $10.000. WOW. Plus the new accessories you are getting.

Maybe this month If I past a college test I would buy myself a computer with a single 460 and its around $1600-$1700 jajajaja. But that would be around $7000+ on my currency so I couldn't even picture spending $40.000 on a PC :P


I think you should participate in a contest and get some money back.

I do not if the airflow will work on such HUGE MONSTER case but if it does you might win something. God I counted 25 FAN plus the air liquid cooling.


Lastly, I was impressed the MOBO is out. I think that is maybe ok for the performance. But not at all for the design. If you build such a Huge case and let mobo outside .. well looks like there is a bad concept behind this.


I hope I you don't take wrong any comment and good luck =)

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