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FERMI 2 - CUSTOM Dual Stacker 832 - sli GTX480's


*****MODERATOR NOTE***** I have removed your other links to various forums...we dont allow links or adverts that attempt to draw members to other forums....you can post the build here but no linking to any other forums with intent to get members to visit said forums to vote for you...thanks Doc


latest state of the build





Hi All

this is my first post to any forum, and 3rd attemp on here, stupid thing keeps deleting my post, ugh, bang head, bang head!!!


well im going to start off by saying this is a post for the build log of my new custome case/system which im calling FERMI 2


It was supposed to be called FERMI 3 but i sold off my FTW 480 today (money constaints).


the case is made out of 2 coolermaster stacker 832 cases :) which i think you guys will like:)


I have went through many revisions of this case and now have finally found one i like and that works well which is REV 4 right now :)



Fermi is the name of a Nuclear power plant. I live in Windsor, Ontario Canada which is located across from Detroit, Michigan. Now there is an actually power plant near windsor and detroit (10-20 miles away) called FERMI 2. Its a nuclear power plant :)


since each gtx 480 is from the Fermi Family, I decided to call it FERMI 2. Ill be using 2 corsair 850w power supplies (2 generators), so Ill be putting 1700W or 1.7kW Capacity on the case :) maybe with red leds behind an engraved acrylic panel :)


Now if i decide to buy a 3rd GTX 480 (just sold my third one:( ... ) than ill be naming it FERMI 3.


Now there are 2 Fermi Cards (reactors), 2 cooling towers (2 radiators), 2 dump tanks (used for emergencies) (2 reservoirs), the the whole theme goes well with the case.


Let me know what you think.....





the system consists of the following:



Core i7 930

EVGA X58 4 way sli Mobo

Corsair Dominator GT 2000c7

2 - EVGA GTX 480's Super Clocked editions

1 - Corsair HX850w power supply

1 - Corsair AX850w power supply (will get it in 2 weeks as i sold one of my two hx850's that was with my HD5970 build)



Feser 420 Monsta Radiator

Feser 360 Xchanger Radiator

2 - Swiftech MCP-655 Pumps

2 - EK MCP-655 X-TOP Ver. 2

2 - Koolance 120mm Reservoirs

EK Supreme HF cpu block (black + nickel)

EK Classified 4 way Full Motherboard Block

MIPS computer Corsair 6 Ram Block

2 - Ek Nickel/POM GTX 480 Blocks

2 - EK GF200 LINKs

EK Triple Link Parallel

1/2" Promochill white tubing

1/2ID 3/4" OD Black Bitspower compression fittings (diff types and sizes)

Koolance TMS 200 and 200 expansion board

2 - Koolance Flow sensors INS-FM17

3 - Noise blocker PK-3 140mm Fans (1700rpm)

9 - Xigmatek 140mm fans 1000rpm (3 for pulling air, 6 used as shrouds)

4 - Antec 200mm Fans

9 - Coolermaster 120mm R4 Fans



2 - Coolermaster Stacker 832 Cases

Custom waterjetted, bent and welded aluminum parts :) ( i will provide the CAD drawings for anyones use)


So thats the parts list for now, I am thinking of some editions with regards to sound card, low power vid card, usb 3.0 cards as well but I will post about those at a later date when the time is right :)


stay tuned, and i would appreciate your comments and insight



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Time to put the radiators together.


I'm taping the Monsta 420 rad with 8-32 threads so that i can get long enough screws to tighten the fan and shroud assembly.




Drilling the monsta so i can tap 8-32 threads, notice the 1/8" aluminum sheet underneath to protect the fins and tubes from the bit.





Taping the 8-3 threads, all 24 of them (12 on each side).




First set of holes done :) turned out well, did a test with a 8-32 bolt and all works well with no biting.




the monsta 420 by feser all fully tapped out :) and ready for fan mounting.




heres a xigmatek 140mm clear fan with white LEDs with the fan cut out. Going to use these as my shrouds. 6 total.

Not sure if you can see, but the holes had to be drilled out bigger to accommodate the bigger 8-32 bolts.






Ill be using 3 xigmatek fans (which are queit at 1000rpm) as shrounds, 3 xigmatek fans as pull fans, and 3 noiseblocker PK-3 140mm 1700rpm fans as push fans.





Here are a pair of the NB PK-3's. I also had to drill the holes out bigger for the 8-32 bolts.




heres a shot of two xigmatek fans, 1 cut out, 1 fully intact.


Mounting Pics coming soon :)

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more pics :)




Monsta radiator with 3 fan shrouds.




Test fit for the fans :) everything lines up ready to mount the shrounds and water jetted aluminum base plate.




Top fans mounted, bottom fans next.




the carbon fiber side peice is shiny :) wish i had a better camera




Monsta radiator with all fans mounted, Mistake from before, i meant to say only 3 shrouds for the top, bottom doesn't have fan shrouds.








shot of the bottom plate i had water jetted all mounted to the radiator :) this will go into the right side stacker 832. I have the CAD dawings avail for this peice if anyone wants it for fan spacing and such.




heres the feser xchanger 360 radiator which will be for my cpu, board, memory loop. The monsta is strictly for cooling the dual 480s.






the two gaskets for the Monsta 420 radiator :)

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Time to take apart the board and put the Ek block on :)


heres the EVGA 4 way classified board that has 2 NF 200 chips on it for 4 slots running at x16 :)

Slots 1 and 2 are related - NF200 1 - Channel A

slots 3 and 4 are related - NF200 1 - Channel B

slots 5 and 6 are related - NF200 2 - Channel A

and slot 7 is a lone slot. - NF200 2 - Channel B


If slot 1 is occupied and slot 2 is empty - slot 1 runs at x16 (if slot 2 is occupied than slot 1 and 2 are x8/x8)

(remember a x1 pcie card may and may not affect the speed of the x16 slot, it shouldn't)


If slot 3 is occupied and slot 4 is empty - slot 1 runs at x16 (if slot 4 is occupied than slot 3 and 4 are x8/x8)

(remember a x1 pcie card may and may not affect the speed of the x16 slot, it shouldn't)


If slot 5 is occupied and slot 6 is empty - slot 5 runs at x16 (if slot 6 is occupied than slot 5 and 6 are x8/x8)

(remember a x1 pcie card may and may not affect the speed of the x16 slot, it shouldn't)


Slot 7 always runs at x16, as it is not split or sharing with another slot.


My plan is - Graphics in Slot 5 and 7, Sound card in slot 1, Low powered video card in slot 3, and USB 3.0 card in slot 4.


heres a BMP of my CAD Drawing of the XL-ATX stand off spacing for the EVGA x58 4 WAY SLI BOARD.


I got the specs of the ATX standoff spacing from an official ATX SPEC PDF spec sheet. I than measured the rest with a micrometer, The size of the board is also on this image too :)








Board with the stock heat sink on




heatsink taken off, 3 pieces.




Naked 4 way sli board - notice the two NF200 chips.




Another naked shot but now with all the thermal pads installed on the board so now time to mount the block :)




This block was such a pain in the butt to get. I had one sent to me that was leaking, the second one was the wrong revision. Notice how on top of the south bridge the block seems to be grooved or machined down compared to the rest of the block. That is so the cards will seat properly.




Another shot of the board with block installed.

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Heres a pic of the OLDER revision 4 Way block by EK. This will not allow the graphics cards to seat properly.


theres also a pic of the new block too




OLD revision, NO GROOVES







NEW revision WITH GROOVES of the 4 way sli block by EK.


The guys at Sidewindercomputers were awesome, he replaced the block twice (leaking and wrong revision) and than spoke to EK and they replaced it free of charge. I still have the old revision block, ANY TAKERS????

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Well here are the cards :)


all 3 of them. I sold the FTW yesterday, needed the cash :( I do miss is very much, having second thoughts of selling but oh well :)












Heres the EK GTX 480 POM/Nickel Block :)


and now for the Bottom










Pads almost all on, and thermal paste applied - MX-2 :) Got that at a local shop called PCOUTFITTERS for 10 bucks, haha USED 3 tubes already :)




Block fully mounted on the GTX480 :)

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now for some of the AIR COOLED card pics and tear down












all the thermal pads removed and pasted taken off and gpu cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

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here is the bottom of the right stacker 832. Originally i cut this in my 3rd revision of the case which you will bellow. The case was supposed to be 2.75 stackers high (50") but i found there to be too many challenges and it just wasn't stable at all.


so here are the pics of the 3rd revision, FERMI 2 - is 4th REVSION










notice thats the OLD revision of the 4 way sli block. I had paper towels under it so it would be easier to detect leaks :)

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Now here is the bottom piece of the RIGHT stacker 832









Theres the bottom of the 832 stacker. It has the Mounting plate for the MONSTA 420 radiator being test fitted in :)


Notice the 1/16 x 1.75"wide piece of aluminum on the left as a support column/brace, just too thin, i was going to bend it, but than i wouldnt have been able to fit a 200mm fan on the back, so it was just a big giant pain.

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