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windows not showing what i want to see? :S

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so here is the thing, i have an E8500 and i mildly oc'ed it to 3.2 somewhat ghz (340fbs x9.5)


when i see at the specs of my comp i see that my windows doesnt show me the correct speed of ghz that it has...difficult explanation :P

here are the pics to clear things out *see attachment*


hmmz attachment doesnt work :/




my total specs:


intel E8500

p5kpl am epu

4gb kingston 800 mhz ddr2 ram

9800 gtx+

recom 550 watt psu

windows 7 ultimate edition 64 bit


i hope you guys can help me out here :)


thanks in advance.

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Windows doesn't always report the correct speed for an OC'd processor.


I know that my Q6600 @ 3.2 was always reported as 3.6 in Vista and 7. Nothing to worry about.


The usual, make sure that any speedstep stuff is disabled. Get a hold of CoreTemp and check that both cores are operating at 3.2 When I was testing the stability of my 1055T and I got a hard lock, a reboot would bring one of the cores, usually core 0 to 1.85 or so. CPUz wouldn't always report it, but you can check each core with CT.

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sp even if i oc it further to 4 ghz or so then it doesnt matter? even if windows doesnt show correctly? i never had this problem before and now just bam i got this :S


well as long as it doesnt matter i guess it is fine.

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