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How Much Can I Oc My Video Card


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You won't be able to notice the difference from just playing games or anything...benchmarks, however, will show the performance difference. Also, you should be able to get 300+ mhz out of the core, and check the ram on the card to see what its max rated speed is.


You'll know the card is getting too hot when you start to see artifacts. Artifacts are just when things are not rendered properly...they can take the form of white specks (like snow...my 9700pro does this when oc'd too far), missing textures or polygons, etc.


I would highly recommend that you get a program called ATItool...just google for it. It is an overclocking utility, but it also includes an artifact tester. The coolest part, though, is that it can find the maximum core and memory speeds that your card can handle, automatically. It's really neat.

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