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Bluescreen on P5QD Turbo

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Good day .. I bought a Team Xtreem PC 1066 RAM a few days ago and it keeps on showing up a bluescreen ,I would like to take some of your advice regarding

this problem. Here are some info of my computer .


Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200

ASUS P5QD Turbo 0301 - Latest Bios

Team Xtreem TXD4096M1066HC5DC-D 5-5-5-15 (765441225459 - Barcode on the box)

Nvidia G210 Graphics

WD 5000AAKS HD 500gb.

Coolermaster 600w SilentM Pro


I did not tweak nor change any setting's in my motherboard's bios.I would really be glad if you could give me an advice about this.

(The settings on my BIOS shows that everything is in AUTO mode)


Thanks in advance.I would really appreciate hearing from you soon. Thank you again..

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on two of my P5Q series motherboards, I had trouble with the "CPU Margin Enhancement" bios setting. On one motherboard, a P5Q-E-Deluxe I had to set it to "Performance Mode" and on a P5Q-EM I had to set it to "Compatible". So there is no actual "right" setting, you have to experiment.

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