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New smartphone.


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Hi all. I'm currently looking into my first contract phone and here's the deal. I've worked out that what I need is 100mins and "Unlimited" internet. I've found the contract deal from T-Mobile for £10 a month without a phone. The reason I don't want a phone with the contract is because I don't want to pay £30 a month for services I will rarely use and don't want to be tied down to some dodgy 24month contract which why I chose a 30-day rolling contract. As for phones I need it to be around £200 give or take 10% of that. It needs to be able to run remote desktop, HSPDA/UPA, possibly GPS capabilities also I don't mind which OS whether Symbian, android or windows mobile. Currently I'm swaying towards buying an unlocked Toshiba. http://www.gsmarena.com/toshiba_tg01-2662.php This is what I'm currently swaying towards as it seems to fullfill all my needs. Does anyone have any advice or experience with smartphones?

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