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Aspire 500 Watt Pre-mod Enough To Run 24 Amp Pelt?

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I'm thinking of using a 226 watt pelt on my CPU, and after looking into stand alone power supplies, I think it might be a better investment to go with a high amp ATX psu and another small, MATX psu. I already have an old 90 watt gateway psu in my system, and it runs great in conjunction with my 350 watt. I've heard the Aspire pre-modded psu will provide 34 amps on the 12 volt rail; is this true? If I got it, I'd use the following power configuration:


Aspire 500 watt pre-modded:




3 case fans

2 cathodes

Vantec Nexus



90 watt psu:


2 case fans



2x HDD's


Can I expect to cover all this with the Aspire 500 watt pre-modded psu plus a 90 watt MATX psu? Thanks.

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Hey, i was just looking into building a pelt system too. Im think bout getting this PS, it can fit in a 5.25" drive bay. S320-12 Linky

swiftnets.com also sells a kit:

The S320-12 power supply is mounted onto an adapter tray to be installed in any 5 1/4" bay. A/C power to the unit is controlled by a specially designed relay switch and harness that synchronize power to the unit with the rest of the computer. An A/C socket adapter with a custom stainless steel plate complete the kit for a professional looking installation.

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It's always better to run your pelt out of it's own PS cause it draws a lot of power.

Try it separate a couple of days first see if it works with the workload then you may or not hook them together cause the how to is pretty final.


I still suggest to use your 500w for the regular stuff and get a bigger one for your pelt ;)


Thnx for the vote of confidence ;)

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