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Windows 7 Starter Edition & TRIM?

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Guys, does anyone know if Windows 7 Starter Edition supports TRIM?


I have a Samsung Netbook that came with Windows 7 Starter Edition installed. Initially I took the installed 5400rpm drive out and put a 7200rpm WD Scorpio Black in, with Windows XP. I am now considering putting an SSD in and installing Windows 7 Starter Edition back on.


So, does anyone know if the Starter Edition has TRIM support? I have searched the forum and Google, but cannot find a definitive answer - has anyone here done this and got TRIM working?


Thanks :)

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I'm pretty sure they didn't cut it out of the starter edition...


As far as I can see, the only difference between any of the versions of Windows 7 is just language support, backwards compatibility etc. They didn't do the same thing they did with the old Home editions from the past.

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