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AMD kills ATI brand, you can look forward to blood-stained Radeons

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I like the ATI logo better then the AMD one.If you ask me AMD dont know how to make their logos look cool or appealing,just look at the phenom logo.I mean what is it? A flying tampon?

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This means that any of the OEM's are dealing with AMD, it would be easier for them (and possibly cheaper?) to buy several things that are made by AMD alone because of this...it just doesn't seem like this is a very fair form of competition...which is ironically the exact same thing that AMD is always accusing Intel of doing.

That's not unfair at all. That's how capitalism works. See below for what AMD actually accused Intel of.



I'm just saying that it's more evident now that their practices are becoming, I dunno, un-sportsmanlike? I dunno how you would define it for major corporations though.


"Monopoly abuse" is what they call it. Market dominance.



You can't really call it market dominance when they don't even have a big chunk of the market... :P


AMD never "accused" Intel of selling at all points in the market - it accused Intel of giving vendors kickbacks to sell their products exclusively as well as for threatening to withhold stock from companies that wanted to offer other CPU / IGP makers.

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