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Hienrich Jager

Stuck image on screen during boot

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I hope that this is the correct sub-forum. I put it here because it deals with the controlling screen of my Promise RAID controller.


So here is the deal:


I have an old system, P4, Abit AI7 Mobo, 2GB DDR, BFG6800, Promise FASTTrack TX2/LP (V2.00.0.33) and 2x60GB WD's


I am wanting to set this up as a webserver, but I have run into an issue. While I was initially setting up the RAID 1 through the Ctrl+F shortcut during the boot sequence, I ran into a problem. I was able to access the RAID build screen fine, and the process of building the RAID finished seemingly without a problem. When I followed the instruction of "Press enter to reboot the system" things started to get weird. The screen spasmodically flashed different colors and nothing else happened. Well that was weird, so I rebooted hoping that that would solve the problem.


Unfortunately, upon reboot the image that came up was the last screen that I had seen in the RAID menu, fortunately it was no longer flashing like crazy. When i say that the image was of the RAID screen, i mean that i never saw the POST, I never saw the bios messages after that, all that came up instantly was the RAID menu and it still had the message "Press enter to reboot" (which doesn't work btw).


In trying to fix this I have done the following:

1) Rebooted several times

2) Completely shut the system off, pulled the power cord, and drained the PSU.

3) Reset the BIOS, with the jumper, pulling the battery, and the combination of both

4) Pulled every component from the system except for the Proc and the RAM and started it up.


After every single one of those tries, the first image that pops up on my monitor when i turn things back on is the RAID menu. Now however it looks like it has shifted some as the left-most ~200 pixels are off-screen.


This one definitely has me stumped. Anyone have an idea?



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