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Are these temps normal ?

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I have been trying to get the RAM running at its designed speed for quite a few days now without much luck.


My setup is:


F3-16000CL9T-6GBRH (2Gx3) 6GB

Asus P6X58D-E (Latest BIOS)


Corsair HX750

F3-Spinpoint 1TB

XFX - 5870

Noctua U12P-SE2


I managed to get my system running for 6 hours after i had to abort with standard clock and XMP profile for the memory if i adjust the QPI to 1.5.

It seems very high. Is this out of your guys experience "normal" and within the norm ?

My temps where in the 80's. The guy from my local shop said thats far way to high, you should be under 60 (Sounds a bit low to me )


It pushes my heat already up a fair bit having the QPI that high so i won't be able to overclock the CPU too much with these settings.


I also managed to get it overclocked to 4Ghz with the ram running at close to 1700 Mhz with the temps beeing 76-77C with CPU and QPI at 1.35


I haven't tried the combination of both but i am a bit worried about the temps.

What is a good temp to run 24/7 id i wanna keep it for 3-5 years ?


Are these temps normal with a good Air Cooler?

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Guest SRwebSEO

The H50 in my experience so far gives higher idle temperatures than my traditional Air Cooler but lower Load Temps.


The nice thing I can say about it, is in situations where you run a good i7 system in a tight mid-tower (NZXT Lexa S with Full Fan Config) it gives you the ability to cool your CPU effectively.


Thanks ! !

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