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Building my Dream machine, insight please?

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Hey guys,

Slowly going to start building my dream machine, should have it completed in about 10 months or so.


here is what my system specs will be:


Case: Cooler Master HAF X

Motherboard: Asus Rampage III extreme

CPU: Intel Core i7 980x Extreme

GPU: XFX Hd 5970 black edition ( 2gb)

Hard Drive: Cavier Black 1TB

PSU: Silverstone ST1200

Memory: Corsair 12gb (6 x 2gb)

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64)


Also, i want to upgrade my HAFX by adding in a WC system.

But not sure how this works, im sure a quick stroll through the forums will help,

but anyones input on complexity/brands to go for would be appreciated.



hows this setup sound?




Thanks guys

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That's definitely a "dream machine", but 10 months is a long time....


Better to save up your $$ for a while rather than buying it bit buy bit.


By then, the ATI 6 series will be out, Sandy Bridge.... who knows what else.

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Ya a lot of things are going to change in the next 10 months.... still waiting to see if DDR4 will be out by then besides all the other stuff fmc mentioned.

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well of course there are going to be bigger and better things, its just the way the industry is.


and thats what i mean by slowly, saving up my money and buying all the parts at one time,

so if there is an upgrade available for one the parts, i might purchase it,

but i feel the build i have chosen will have longevity, and will not all of a sudden become obsolete because of a new gpu or other component.

Great points though guys,


and thanks for the input!!


i still dont have much time to cruise the forums,

anyone got any info on water cooling?

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