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Hello everyone


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hi guys, i have been lurking here for a while now and i finally put my new computer together a few days ago, it took my a while to save up because i wanted to order everything at one time


asus m4a89gtd pro

amd phenom II x4 965 black

crucial ballistix tracer 1600

ocz agility 2 60 gig boot drive

ocz modXtreme 500 watt PS

lite on dvd burner and card reader

viewsonic 22" led hd monitor

logitech mx 1100 mouse


everything is in a cooler master elite (blue trim) case with a few fans and blue cathode lights


i just ordered a few more parts for it and they are in the mail


ati tv wonder 650 pci

western digital caviar black 6gbps 1tb drive


i am going to order my video card this week but i am not sure what to order yet, i am currently set on some sort of variation of the 5830, but not sure yet


i am new to overclocking, and this is the first time i have even tried, but using a mixture of the asus oc utility and a few manual setting i am currently at 3.67 with my cpu and the highest temps i have seen are 52 with stock amd cooler. my memory is set at 1728 with timings of 8-8-8-24. i have alot to learn in this area, and that is why i am here


a few pics






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thanks guys


like i said i have been lurking for quite a while, but i have never had to ask a question before - everything i ever needed to know was found easily with a simple search. this seems like a really good site and that is why i decided to try to become a part of the community here


i should also add that i am running windows 7 home premium, and my browser of choice is pale moon

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