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Good to be back !


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Will be back to folding again full time as soon as I get a new Vid card. Sold my old ATI to a friend. Well now I can get a better card for Folding. :) I had moved to an area with only satellite internet available.. so yeah.. no.. i was not going to be paying $50 a month for garbage. Just moved back to an area with Cable and I'm looking forward to cooking up some PPD for Team OCC 12772 .

I'm looking at the 260's have a budget of $200 but I dont want to get a used card. I can most likely go Max 250 on budget but would like to stay close to 200. A friend has been bugging me to get Starcraft 2. Guess I will fire up the X-Box as well :) as soon as I figure out what box it got packed in LOL

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