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Mandrake 9.2 Installation Help


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I've bought two copies of mandrake now, ( I thought the first one was bad or something) and I can't get past the first screen after the "Press F1 for help or ENTER to install" screen.


The Alt F1 screen just sits there doing nothing. One time I was playing around in the command line screen and somehow got it to look for the cd-rom again. Then I went back to the ALTF1 screen and there was a small window in the middle of the screen that said something along the lines of "Trying to access Lite-on cdrom" and then "trying to access JLMS .... DVD"


I noticed that in the Kernel messenger it keeps writing something about an interupt request being lost or something like that.


Can anyone help? I'm on the verge of "Windows Sucks" and I would like to learn Linux ASAP



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