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RAM: 6gb Installed, 4gb Usable

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Ok, I have been running at my full 6gb for over a week now so I think I have found a stable setting. It's a shame that it just will not run at 1600mhz and it completely baffles me why not. In any case, thank you everyone for your help in getting me back on the right track!!

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If it returns to 4gb again I will try this method. How do you keep from tightening all the way? With the LGA1366 lock it sort of seems like you have to fully tighten it. Is it possible/safe to just press the levers down 1/2 or 3/4 of the way?


By the way, I have been running at 6gb for quite some time now, I believe 4 days, which is the most I have been able to achieve so far! As I said, I would like to run at 1600mhz instead of 1095 but I'd rather have the extra 2gb and not mess with it during the school year smile.gif



Reset the processor. See if that works. Worked for me and my friend who does a lot of cooling reviews. He runs into this problem all the time.

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Alright so I have been running stable at 6gb for a few months now but today, all of a sudden now I have 5gb. The only things that have changed in my system are: slight increase in i7 OC from 3.8 to 4.0ghz two weeks ago; added an SSD a few weeks ago; and more stably OC'd my GTX 470 a couple of days ago. I do not think any of those things could have messed with RAM so I am perplexed why it decided to give me only 5gb today. A few months ago I was having problems with it dropping to 4gb. Strange. I will probably take it home for Thanksgiving break and try to reseat the processor and test each individual stick of RAM but for now I have too many assignments due to take that kind of time.


Also, tried the MemOK! button like I did before but nothing happened, it is still 5gb. If I am unable to find the culprit by reseating and testing individual sticks, what should I do? RMA the MB? I hope there is something else I can try haha


--Edit-- I was looking around online and realized that I had changed the advanced boot option in msconfig to use all available RAM upon startup. Apparently this messes with RAM somehow and when I reset it, the problem was solved!

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