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Movies that you must see

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I know, which makes it next to useless in my view.

I guess in a sense its not the ultimate list, but its one of the better overall (A little evil for the greater good). I mean whenever I want to watch a new movie I hit that list and have yet to be disappointed. Without it I probably would have never even seen the amount of movies that I have seen thus far.

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I'd have to look through mine and my parent's collections to put together a list, but from what I've read I would add:

Fail Safe (think serious Dr. Strangelove, that Dr. Strangelove killed by coming out first)

Every Marx Brothers movie (Love Happy is optional)

Every "Road to" movie (Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour)

Key Largo

Charade (the best Hitchcock film he never made)

The (original) Pink Panther

It Happened One Night

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (my personal favorite, that's all)

To Kill a Mockingbird

Terminator 2

Animal House

Cool Hand Luke

The Great Escape

The Thomas Crown Affair (I've only seen the remake with Pierce Brosnan)

Every Billy Wilder Movie (eg. The Apartment, Stalag 17, "One, Two, Three", Some Like it Hot)

Born Yesterday

Father Goose


I'll probably come up with more when I get home.

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All of those sound good, but I have to disagree completely on superbad. The first thing I heard from the characters was them trying to decide on which porn site to go to...


That's just...why would anyone put that in a movie? It's like asking somebody what brand of razor they shave their bum with, recording that and putting it on TV.

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