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linux>no gui>torrent & DC programs

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I'm looking for decent torrent and DC (direct connect) software that can run in linux (ubuntu server) without a GUI. would be preferable if there is a web GUI especially for the torrents, the DC isn't as big of an issue since its just going to start whenever the computer starts and serve the files in the background and will never be used to download files.


ive found a few torrent programs that seem to do this but nothing that stands out above the others.




thanks, kyle :)

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If you want to manage torrent files via a virtual terminal (command line), I highly recommend "rtorrent." Links are below to the main website and a useful setup article.


http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/ (Check the bottom of page for your distribution specific package)





I have used "rtorrent" for years with no problems under Debian and Fedora distributions.

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