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PCI cable modem?

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Hey, i have a bunch of rack-mount equipment just for personal/academic use, so just a small cluster and some servers, nothing extraordinary. one thing thats kind of been annoying me is that i use a motorola surfboard modem connected to my firewall/router, its just annoying that it is not rackmount and just sits there ontop of other stuff and can become disconnected when moving/isnt well secured (velcro). what i would really like is to put a PCI cable modem into my firewall/router and eliminate the surfboard modem all together.


of course i know i would have to contact my ISP and confirm that whatever modem i go with will be compatible with their network, but for now im kind of stuck looking for pci cable modems.


can anyone suggest any/where i might buy them?



thanks in advance for your help & time :)



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Those are pretty rare these days. Check eBay. Just make sure the PCI modem has the exact specs as your current modem.

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