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Decision time- Finally getting my i7 build/re-using parts.


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Sup guys, old time reader new time poster.


So I'm planning on building an i7 system with the following parts.


i7 860-new

16GB DDR3 1333MHZ Ram-new

2x 128gb ssd's on raid- reused

HD4850 w/ 512mb - reused

Antec truepower trio 650w psu - reused

Antec 300 case - reused

Tuniq tower 120 775 HSF


So I can't even begin to decide which freaking mobo to use I have some ideas and my budget is 100 to 130 with shipping, one thing that was sliding my preference towards the Asrock P55 PRO because i had read it's compatible with 775 heatsinks. What I have noticed is that the p55 mobos have a metal backplate which might make installation very hard/impossible with my current heatsink. I guess I figured I would just get that to save me the hassell of getting the conversion bracket for the heatsink. I also found a killer deal on the Asrock P55 extreme on newegg, it's an open box item at $82. But I just see horrible reviews about DOA boards or sudden deaths.


The only "budget" motherboard reviews I have been able to find were from tomshardware, which doesn't help at all because it just kinda says "any of these boards are all ok and it was done back in 2009, there's none that out shines the rest... so get whatever you want". I'm trying to get the best bang for my buck because my budget is limited and I really want to avoid any RMA's. Then I found this other review of the GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2 and just says to me it's the best bang for the buck, both reviews are from 09 and in just a month a plethora of new boards would have come out, would that little board still be the best choice?


Well any tips/reviews/help you guys can give would be really appreciated. I know gigabyte is a great brand and trust worthy but would this be the best bang for the buck board? The review itself list some issues the little guy had but i can't seem to find other newer reviews on that board.

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