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Comic-Con Toys you gamers Will Love!


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Hey everyone! bit bored and restless here because its nearly 2:00am and i cant find anything better to do with myself!


Just was browsing though some Comic-Con articles at Kotaku.com and spotted a few "Action Figures" That some of you gamers would Love! (not to actually play with.. unless your into that sort of thing lol) For display purposes id love a few of these because the quality is superb! Check it out:


Mass Effect 2 figures (mordin and thane are exceptionally well done!) http://kotaku.com/5593759/dcs-mass-effect-killzone-god-of-war-toys-up-close--totally-awesome/gallery/


Starcraft II Figures: http://kotaku.com/5595514/a-closer-look-at-dcs-starcraft-ii--world-of-warcraft-toys/gallery/



Halo Reach Square Enix Figures (yes you heared right): http://kotaku.com/5595249/lets-get-a-good-look-at-square-enixs-halo-reach-action-figures/gallery/



Aaaand for the penultimate.. its Claptrap from Borderlands!




^ that is supposed to be a fully working toy and all! man the paint job is so nice it Really captures the game doesn't it? If i were to choose i would buy The Sniper from the Reach models from [ ] Enix, and possibly mordin and thane because they reall captured the chatacters in those 2 models, the others.. meh not so much Grunt looks all.. horribly wrong lol. Anyhow just thought id share this with you while im still up and about :)

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