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New to OCC, I'm here to learn


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Hey all,


I've been absorbing information from this community for the past few weeks, and finally decided to introduce myself before I start prodding for more specific advice on the forums.


Who's this rookie? I'm a software developer by trade, so naturally I am very technical and have been interested in computers since I was about yay-tall. When it comes to games I play shooters / RPGs, the former is the main reason I'm building a new rig. When not at my computer I enjoy biking, swimming, and dog training.


Why's he here? I write software, not build computers. I've built a few in the past, but this time I want to do it right -- no more half-assing it with budget components. I want to invest in the right components to make overclocking possible, learn what I can about good air-cooling, then (a few months post-build) decide if I want to push the machine even harder and invest in liquid cooling. I'm here to learn what I can, prod the member's for information when needed, and of course post pictures and benchmarks when all is said and done!


Why OCC? After scouring the internet for information, I found the hardware reviews posted here to be the best -- I especially appreciate the slew of pictures posted with each review. Then I found the forums with even more information. I was surprised at how active the community was, and how receptive you were to newcomers. What more could I ask for?


Thanks in advance for all your help/advice!



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