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EA to announce 6 new games today


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EA - Today will be a big day for gamers, we will announce 6(!) new titles today at 1 PST. Catch the live stream here: http://bit.ly/dfAS04


Could one of them be a new Alice game?


Follow me and stay tuned for a major announcement from the mad world of Alice today! <- Retweeted by EA




Just an order of what was talked about / shown:

Started watching 14 mins after it started

Game 1 = Sims 3 Late Night Expansion

Game 2 = Darkspore (Online Action RPG / 3 hero tag-team per player)

Game 3 = Dead Space 2 Ignition (prelude to Dead Space 2 / downloadable game / action comic presentation / mini-games)

Game 4 = Alice Madness Returns by American McGee (PC/360/PS3)

Game 5 = Rock Band 3 (Just said to buy it if you haven't yet)

Game 6 = Crysis 2 (Said they would be previewing multiplayer at Gamescon)

Game 7 = Shank (downloadable game)

Asked everyone to turned off camera, but GameSpot is still running lol :D

Game 8 = Reckoning (I think its some kind of RPG)

Just as they play the trailer for Reckoning they shut it off and redirected it to Comic-Con crap. No...............

4 New EA Sports Games

Game 9 = MMA (A lot of real world areas : gyms, leagues, and etc)

Game 10 = Fight Night Champion

Game 11 = Madden 11

Game 12 = EA Active

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Both the Alice and Reckoning games sound interesting. Reckoning especially since the lead designer of TES III and IV is working on it.


that whole reckoning teaser last minute bailout crap bites...:dunno:

good lookin out krazy....thanx for the heads up

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haha I just found an OOOOOOLLLLLLD demo disc laying around from this now defunct gaming magazine and it had a demo of Alice and Heavy Metal FAKK 2 on it. Installed both and played through the demos once again.


Fun times... :D


Can't wait for a new alice tho!

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I dunno if I want to play another American McGee's alice game again. The last one scared the . out of me.


Well the simple solution is to don't buy the new one. :lol:

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