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Random Freezes?

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System is not even two weeks old and I start to get random freezes. Running Windows 7 Ult. Memory is clocked at its rated speed 1600mHz. Would that be the problem?


Should I perform any tests?


(freezes from waking up from sleep sometimes, trying to run AMD OD - Auto Clock)


no BSOD, just frozen


--Nvm about no BSOD. Turns out its BSOD and not showing.


Any help?

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Installed Windows 7 x64, problems went away. BUT there are some freezes.( Still with the AMD Overdrive - Autoclock feature, not using it but I would like to know what's causing it)


In x86, the BSOD read error 1000007e (might of added an extra 0)

@ballist1x Haven't done overclocking before I installed x64, but after that my 955 is clocked @ 3.6 gHz. And running a memtest, how many passes should I do it for? And per stick and with both?


And I started another topic in the memory section asking about timings. Memory is rated @ 1600 mHz 9-9-9-24 @ 1.5v, but when I clock it 1600 mHz the timings do not go into effect.


@fariss Power supply is brand new, and positive voltages seem fine. Not far from the 4 to 6% deviation from their supposed voltages.

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