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Overclocking My Barton 2500+ No Good!


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I have had my 2500 @ 11x200 and 10.5x214 and I always end up at 1.85vcore. I pass Prime95 at that vcore but man that isn't working out for me, to high of a vcore and it starting to crap out. Temps are around 30-35c but it is cooler in my office. Under the Redwoods! I would like to know if anyone has found a good stepping number from Newegg or other merchant with a better vcore at this setting. It will be spring soon. I also feel this proc is burning out. I went back to 10.5x200 and Prime95 would show a rounding error after 14 hours, sucks!


I also was wondering if anyone has used a Promise ultra tx2 100 or 133 on this board check sig... with any problems? I have boot delay with the card in and hooked up to my cd-rom only. I just flashed it and updated the drivers and that didn't help, maybe a bios setting/yes sata is disabled at this time. I wanted to run my zip and cd-rom on the Promise card and run my DVD/CD-RW & DVD/RW off of the board with four Raptors 10000rpm drives off the sata controller: Any probelms that you may have had with this config please let me know...


Also Note: I didn't put the card in until i clocked back done so it is not the problem above... Any help would be great! :huh:

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