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GigaBytes "Go OC" Challenge

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I'm not starting this thread because I want to go to this challenge. I don't want to because of the Cost involved... But even if I was going to participate in the competition Why does the only board and chassis you are allowed to use the most expensive on the market. I understand that from a company standpoint it would be nice to see a couple of thousand boards worldwide just to be Spent at the competition but hey. Wouldn't the use of a More budget board or a mid range but good overclocker Board And maybe even a smaller chip. How about the 920 instead of the 980x??? 300 versus a 1000 dollar chip. who knows. Maybe its so people like me do not participate. :vmad:


Post your opinion on the matter below.

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seems like its aimed more towards "Professional" Overclockers than anything else. Though most of them don't use cases....hmm

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As a participant in the competition, the only cost involved was getting to and from the venue.

ALL the hardware is provided, along with food and drink as well. LN2 was provided, as was DICE.

So i don't quite understand what it is you are getting at boinker.

As Gigabyte paid for everything, i think it's up to them what bit's of thier own hardware they want us to use.

After all, if it was a car racing contest, you wouldn't expect the manufacturer to give you a cheap 1ltr family car to race

when they have a 5ltr muscle car at the head of thier lineup.

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