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Compensation for Experts research.

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I'm attempting to create a very, very,compact two part system that has several key functions that make it my perogotive. The components required are as follows.

RF, FM, or What ever transmitter can transmit DATA (Not in any particular ammount), across a room. This transmitter has to be very, and I mean very low power, and of small size.

Calculator style screen: I need the smallest LCD, or what ever screen I can find. Preferably a 1 digit re-count logic. Meaning it has 1 small number it displays, and for numbers above 20 it just rolls over like Y2k



The idea is one item transmitts data via to the other, and vice versa to be displayed on the 1 digit screen. The cost of these components matters for use on large scale production. Anyone with a back ground in electronics who is interested either reply to this post, or email me at [email protected]

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