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2.6c Or 3.0c For Oc'n Quite A Bit

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Ok, so I have the option to either use a 2.6c or my current 3.0c P4 chip. Which would OC better, not really caring about overall Mhz, but more the FSB?


Currently I can get about 3.5 out of my 3.0, but quite frankly I'm kinda disappointed in that speed. I was hoping for about 3.7 roughly. However if I do use the 2.6, can I realistically expect about 3.3 - 3.4 ish while using a 1:1 ratio?


I have PC4000 ram and can only get the FSB up to 235 stable, anymore and it is no longer stable. I've also tried a 5:4 ratio with that not helping so the ram is not the bottleneck at all.


What are some ppls OC with 2.6s?


Thanks in advance.

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So even by running a 5:4 mem to FSB ratio it would still be the RAM at fault? It would be running less than 400 mhz. I have even supplied 2.85 volts to the ram at 235 with a 1:1 as well as with a 5:4. Am I missing something here? Thanks for the help so far.

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neither, get the 2.4C proc, then you can get the fsb well over 250 (1000) and hit 3Ghz easy on air, 3.4 on water prolly and then you really hit them high fsb, 300 (1200?) even

You can hit 300 (1200) FSB on a 2.4c with AIR


On to Lobdogg's question

Here is what we are running my friend's setup currently..

I am shooting for a higher FSB tonight on 1:1..

I don't know if the ram voltage will have to be kicked up.. but looking at the posts from others i just might have to tonight. You should definately kick it up a notch ;)


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