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Valves Newest Work?

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buying stuff because others do it isn't wise. Because if it was you would have also bought MW2 and played with a bunch of ur friends that I'm sure got it from day 1.

I didn't say it was wise but if you know anything about left 4 dead then you probably know that it's much more fun and a far easier game to play if you are playing it with friends rather than total strangers. So it's perfectly logical with a game like left 4 dead. MW2, BC2, CSS, or any other FPS of that kind is different though, there's really no need for teamwork on any of those games, most people play those games lone wolf.

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wow, when you start seeing half life in everything around you...you know there's a little problem. Anyways, Gabe said alrdy that it won't be EP3 @ E3 and the image with the Freeman June 14 has also been confirmed fake. It's pretty easy to make too. Valve is way beyond this lowly photoshop skill level.

funny thing about that ballistix, because i could care less about HL than you think, im just repeating what someone else said, and noticed how those guys on either side of him looked like gman and freeman

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