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Lian Li Pc65 Case And Watercooling

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Ok, so I'm looking to change my case to one of these Lian Li cases. Problem is I'm not sure how much room I'm gonna have to do my watercooling setup in it once I also have my two raptor HDDs in there and 2 optical drives. This is a 18inch case and right now I'm using a 21inch case. I've also got an audigy sound card and a 9800XT that needs to fit.


If anybody has seen how to make all of this fit I'd like to hear your input.


My watercooling items are...


Eheim 1250 pump

Dtek Radiator (roughly 5x5 inchs)

4x6 inch resevoir

Maze 4 CPU & GPU blocks


Thanks in advance. :)

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