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LED Fan Lights

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Hey everyone. Is there a way to hook up the led lights from a fan on to a switch, so you have the control wether you want the lights on or just to keep them off for awhile.


Thanks ;)

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Im looking at this fan for a switch http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/fun-stuff/59a7.shtml


Im not sure if you can do it with every LED fan but this one looks like you can easily enough. You can easily see 2 sets of wires, one for the fan and one for the LED. If you buy a simple switch at radio shack or a hardware store then you can hook up the two power wires to that (now you may need to do splicing) and then you run the other wires to the 4 pin power connecter. As for where to put the switch, a good place would be in a pci slot, take the pci slot cover and put a hole in it big enough for the switch and volia.


Ofcourse Ive never tried this but it sounds like it would work.


now if the LED and fan were on the same power wire then you'd need to cut the power to the LED and re-wire it so taht it used 2 seprate sets of wire then follow through with the original steps.

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