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Got a new rig started with a Q8200 core 2 quad and my 8800 ultra but I haven't had the money to put in windows 7 as of yet so I'm running ubuntu 10.04. I got the smp client up and running but the graphics card is being somewhat difficult. I'm not that experienced in linux so I was wondering if someone could show me the way. I read on the official forums of a headless install. Not sure what headless even means but I think its when a graphics card is not being used with a display. Can someone confirm that? So when I tried this guide I came to a part that said because I'm running X that it can't complete a step in the process and then after shutting down X it put me into a text only prompt and I wasn't sure what to do. Is there anyone who can give me some advice on getting this client setup. It use to bring me in 5 thousand ppd so I'd really like to get it back up and running.



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I had thought Ubuntu 10.04 had the ability to install the Nvidia linux drivers from the GUI, but if you can't, then run (in order)

login root

cd (where you downloaded the driver to)

sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-195.36.24-pkg2.run


Now i've only tried to compile these drivers, but since i was compiling on the Fedora 13 beta, it kind of went kablow.


Full Guide

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