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bluetooth keyboard and mouse setup

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I recently switched from traditional mouse/keyboard to a rocketfish bluetooth mouse keyboard for my new build. The problem I have is that twice the mouse has stopped working and I can't figure out how to re-pair it. last night I dropped it and the batteries popped out. I put them back in but no response from the PC> I clicked the "connect" button on the back of the mouse but it wouldn't pair even though the keyboard was still working and the bluetooth light was on (on the bluetooth dongle). Then I pushed the connect button the on the keyboard and that stopped working. I went to my old PC and googled advice, and from the instructions on setting up a bluetooth mouse on the microsoft site, it said things like "double click". How do you double click if you don't have a mouse? Anyhow, I ended up pulling out my old USB mouse and hooking that up to my new PC. I went into the bluetooth section. It showed my keyboard and mouse in the devices section, but they wouldn't pair. I had to delete them both then search for devices in range - the bluetooth found them both and everything is working again. It just seems odd that this setup should be sop difficult. I think it is something I am doing becuase I have problems with every bluetooth device I own.


So my question is about setting these up without a secondary mouse. Seems kinda dumb if you need another mouse hanign around all of the time just for battery changes and stuff. In the Rocketfish instructions -- which are minimal -- it says I can set up the BIOS to pair during boot up but I can't find that in my BIOS anywhere (GA-MA785GM-US2H).


any advice is helpful.


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