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Far Cry Movie

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Why don't we boycott isp's that hand over our information so easily?


Wouldn't work well because every isp hands over the information when they get the court order they could challenge it but they wouldn't gain anything even if they won and considering there are hundreds if not thousands of these lawsuits a year they isp could end up loosing a lot of money.


Also boycotting isn't that easy because most people only about 4-5 choices to choose from so lets say they have cable which is typically the fastest option available to most people right know. If they were to boycott there cable company what else would they use I mean they could go to DSL end up with a slower connection same goes with a 3G card but in addition to a slow connection your also paying the same rate if not more then your old cable provider. There also satellite internet but it has it's own set of problems like low bandwidth caps lower speeds higher costs there is also dial up but I doubt many people would switch from high speed back to something that slow again.

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Well I'd imagine it's a tough situation either way for the movie music or software industry if they don't do anything there probably going to loose money and if they do something they get negative press about it either way the out come isn't that good.

that's life, they should make the most of it, but i guess if people some how managed to see good things in your movie, why not squash their opinions by doing some kinduv [email protected]#t


Pirate case in point. A friend burned me a copy of Oblivion several years ago. I had never played a Bethesda game before, and Bethesda's lack of DRM made it easy to pirate the game. I h ad no idea what to expect from it as I had never gotten into RPGs before. I played through Oblivion on PC and loved the game so much, that when I bought my Xbox 360, the first game I purchased for it was Oblivion. When Knights of the Nine was released, I bought it for PC and Xbox360. When Shivering Isles came out, I bought it for PC. Bethesda got a lot of money out of me because they made a product that I believed was worth buying. Had I not played the pirated copy of Oblivion first, I would have never gotten addicted to the game, and the future expansions that I wound up buying would have never been purchased.

the shame is that no matter how many times telling them having a good piece of quality art pirated will actually bring them money, in a musician's case, shirts being bought, or a movie's case, dvds being bought

all they are gonna here is their income for their money coming in, and be insulted you think poorly of their film

they'll, esspecially uwe bowle, will probably try something like this again

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New turn of events from ARS found here.


..and runs the tremendous risk of creating unfairness and denying individual justice to the suit


A very good point.


Joinder generally requires all defendants to have participated in the same incident—a group of piratical friends running an illegal website together, for instance. But in this case, the defendants have no connection with each other and are not part of a single conspiracy or group.


Also makes sense.



If this proposition goes through - making a separate case for every defendant (which it in my opinion should) it will never go through. The amount of paperwork needed would be huge.

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