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eBay HTML description

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I am unsure if this is the right corner for this question, but I would like to present it to the community anyway as I am a noob and the community has a ton of knowledge (and I'm sure the community knows this too).


I am clicking SELL on eBay page (I have an account and a PayPal set up so everything's kosher.) I get a page (title, description, etc.) in that page I see a window DESCRIPTION but I DO NOT see a windows where I can type HTML code. (I am pretty noobish in that too - the limits of my power are <p> and <br> lol) but anyway... I also see links called ADD OR REMOVE OPTIONS but when I click it, nothing happens. NOTHING! the page doesn't reload, nothing adds or removes. and apparently I am not the only one experiencing this! I went to youtube trying to watch a video on eBay HTML, and there were several of the same questions in comments there. why is this happening? why can't I see HTML window? I only see regular "flat" description window and it does not say HTML on top of it.


is this an eBay bug?


TY for helping a n00b out!!!

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