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Capt Proton

[WTS] Ga-EP45=UD3P

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Canadian Dollars (pretty much the same as USD)


I felt the need to upgrade to a board that would do SLI, as I now have two GTX 280s. Since I am buying a board, might as well do the whole enchilada.


In this picture you will see the board, a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P, an Extreme Spirit II I used on the P45 chip, and an HR-09 I used on the mosfets. I was water cooling, so active cooling was a must for me.


I will throw in the coolers if someone wants for an extra $20.


You will also see my E8400. It has been lapped, so you will not be able to verify it is an E8400 until you install it and boot it up.


This rig was running 4.5GHz 24/7 for a year or so. See this post for a screen shot for proof of stability and all settings I used. The rig is still in my sig as I don't have my new one set enough yet. Link


As this is a proven performer, I am looking for $120 for the motherboard, and $150 for the E8400. As I said, $140 will get you the coolers with the motherboard.


Package deal - $275.




Shipping. I will send a separate quote if asked. In the meantime, $25 to US destinations, $20 to Canadian locations. This includes insurance. These are the cheapest options. I can ship faster methods if someone wants to pay.


I have an EBay profile, Foomobile. You will find a couple of negative feed back. They are both from folks who claimed their item was DOA (one was) yet refused to return the item for their refund until Paypal told them to.


Payment by Paypal, or a money order. Item will not ship until payment is made in full.

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