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Help A New Make His Window :)

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I went out and got myself a chunk of plexi glass but i need to know what else i need to buy and how to cut and stuff... I have a "rotary" tool that is identical to a dremel so i can use that to cut, and what is the "official" name for that rubber moulding on the outside of the window, so i can ask the people at the store where it is. ty

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instead of using rubber you could just use 3M double sided tape...thats a really cheap solution.


Im not really sure about the cutting cause Ive personally never done it before, supposedly you can goto home improvment stores and they will cut holes for you then you can smooth the edges with your roatary tool.


But then agian Im not completley sure, I want to do the mod that costs 12 bucks but I only have 8 bucks...

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Dremel.. RotoZip..

are the 2 common ones that I know to cut stuff..


the molding..


Im not sure.. go to www.casesetc.com and look there..



to cut the plexi glass.. I would definitly if u have one..

use a tablesaw..





get slice it with a razor about 10 times..

front and back.. and then push down on it.. you get a very nice cut like that :)

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