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Agp Slot Question

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AGP Pro is a longer slot (it has an extra couple of connectors at the end) and that supplys more voltage to higher end cards like Matrox/Wildcats. Mostly workstation graphics cards.


AGP 4x is 4 times the orginal bandwith of AGP. Keep this in mind thou, AGP was orginally designed to twice as fast as the PCI bus, so it had 266 MBps, AGP 2x doubled that to 533 MBps. AGP 4x doubled to 1066 MBps, AGP 8x runs at an incredible 2132 MBps. However, they're also refered to as AGP, AGP 1.0, AGP 2.0, and AGP 3.0. The voltages of early AGP cards may very between AGP and AGP 1.0, so be careful about and what your motherboard supports. (They were 3V, new cards are less, requiring extra power connectors in certain situations) There are no voltage changes between 4x and 8x and they are fully backwards compatabile.


(all numbers were rounded up, like most people do)


That should more then answer the question.

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