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Buy something, always find something better!!

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So i just bought my new motherboard, an asrock 890gx extreme 3. and what do you know, i should have just waited for the asrock 880g extreme 3. the only difference really is that the IGP is clocked lower at 560 mhz, compared to the 890 @ 700mhz. something that you can easily overclock to match. i just hate it because it always seems once you buy something the very next day you find something better and cheaper. plus not to mention as a person new to overclocking and tweaking on the 880g board asrock has a tweak in the bios called turbo 50 that will increase benchmark scores by 50%, while the 890gx has turbo 30. not a big deal as i know doing the tweaking yourself can get even better results. but just the fact i could have gotten the 880g board cheaper kind of irritates me. of course i guess you can always find something cheaper, so you pay more not for the tech, but rather to have the tech sooner rather than later as the 880g board isnt going to be released till the end of this month.

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