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E5400 overclocking on a G41M-ES2L.


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This is my first time trying to get serious overclocking numbers. Right now the highest thing I can get is 13.5x246 which is 3.33ghz. This is on auto voltage. If I set anything higher it will not boot. The computer just shuts off and reboots in the fail safe settings. When I set my own voltages I haven't had much luck either. I set the volt to 1.4 (which is very high i understand) even on a pretty modest overclock and it fails to boot.


I have been looking up other people's attempts and they have been getting much higher clocks than I. There seems to be a wall at a bus speed of 246. The computer boots into the BIOS but random letters appear where it tries to boot the OS. I have tried multiple things, like higher multis and lower buses, or lower multis and higher buses. None of this works.


Now I have it set at the moment at 13.5x245. The computer can boot into windows but it is extremely unstable. After setting it back to 240, everything worked fine. I tested it with intel burntest and and the temps max out at about 50C. So this is not a temp problem. I am thinking that it could be the motherboard?


So I am not so much looking for just numbers on what to do, but an explanation on how this stuff works. It just seems very random. I know overclocking is unstable, unreliable, and unpredictable. Thanks much for any help.

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