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Unlocking 4th core in X3 cpu.

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I am posting regarding unlocking the 4th core in the AMD X3 720 black edition cpu.


I have switched ACC to auto but it hasn't seemed to have done anything.


Has anybody any idea as to how this may be possible?


I have an ASUS Crosshair III Formula mobo.

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I believe you have to Select ENABLE and then enable the cores (s)


Just went back to ACC and realised there is no ENABLE option


There is just :








Any ideas?

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I found this site . mid way down a long page there is reference to unlocking the cores



I believe the solution was to set ACC to auto and enable the unleashing mode. Unfortunately my cpu seems to be one of the cpu's that was originally a quad core, where one of the cores went bad and AMD simply repackaged it as a x3.


Thanks for the suggestion.

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all X3s and X2s were quad cores


some were very bad and the cores are not useable hence they cannot be unlocked

these tend to mostly be the 940 series chips perhaps and other batches, hence why the date of production is important


some batches the 3rd/4th core had lower results but are still useable and can be turned on via ACC etc


some speculation that some good quad cores were just 'turned off' to sell to the 150$< market and can also be enabled


you never really know what you are going to get, but you can be sure that what you paid for is always well worth the money.

unlocking is just that extra bit of bonus value that just raises the excitement of building


keep in mind, unlocking cores may lower your overall overclockability

where as a 550 can overclock to 4GHZ, if you unlock that extra core you may not be able to reach stability at higher clocks

so there is even more fun yet to be had

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