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Need Core i7-930/i7-920 temperature advice

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I am desperate for some advice.


I bought a new system about a month ago for the purpose of overclocking.


Coolermaster Storm Chasis

Corsair HX750W Power Supply

Asus P6T Motherboard

Core i7-930 CPU

3x2GB Mushkin DDR3

Saphire 5870 Vapor-X

Scythe Mugen2 Rev B


I overclocked the CPU and went to test with prime-95, but my CPU temps went up to about 90 C.


So I shut down and reseated the CPU and cooler but I got the same results.


So then I found a friend that had a i7-920 rev D that he wasn't overclocking and switched with him.


However, when I unmounted the Mugen 2, I found Paste only on the sides of the Cooler. (I had applied the Arctic Silver 5 to the CPU.)




I suspected the Mugen 2 as not being flat.


However, the i7-920 w/stock ran 80 C at stock settings, when I removed it, Paste was only around the edges... (I had applied the Arctic SIlver 5 to the cooler)




It almost seems to me that the motherboard cpu mount is warped and causes the middle of the cpu to be too low...


does this make sense?

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Those are 2 different processors with a big dip in the middle? Take some rubbing alcohol and *completely* remove all the paste, then find a razor blade. Put the edge of the razor blade on both processors and hold them to the light and see if they are just both warped, then do the same to the heatsinks and see where the warping actually is

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Dude, not cool. That relay looks like the CPU has a cup to it. Hard to believe the CPU could bend but maybe its a defect and not actually flat on top. Can you take the CPU out and hold something like a ruler across it to find out if it is flat on top. Check the coolers as well.

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sit it flat , it the cooler doest sit flat, well.. its not.


You can say its bent and try to get a RMA


or just adjust your screws as-needed.


i've had a few things that worked way better when i personally adjusted it versus "tight as it can go"


are you sure your using the RIGHT backplate, and all the washers? believe it or not some things need em'


90c is almost a threshold temp, you cant just play around in the 90's, i hope you told this to your friend


I don't even let prime hit that high before i hit the switch on it, don't need any melted chips (theres a couple people here that right around stock melted em')

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Yeah a razor blade would work better. After looking at your board a second time it kinda looks like the tension-er on the board could be bending the CPU. How tight is it? If its extremely tight it might be a possibility.


It is pretty tight, can it be adjusted?


Are you applying the AS5 as per the instructions at arcticsilver.com?


I checked on that, theirs are a bit different than how I've done it, but the main things I've done are


1. Clean up with Isopropyl Alcohol

2. After Drying, spreading a thin layer of Arctic Silver 5 on, smoothing otu and removing excess

3. wiggling CPU cooler to smooth out further once they are in contact


I can see some minor improvements from following their instructions, but not 20-30 C.

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I did the CPU... it's harder to take a picture of but at times there looks lie there is slight, slight unevenness. It doesn't look to me like its enough to leave the center free of paste though.


I re-did the Mugen 2 with the SHarp end of the knife with a hair showing through and it looks very very even.


I find it very hard to believe that either 2 different CPU's or 2 different Coolers would show leave bow in the middle though.

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