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Can't change CPU Freq on Biostar TPower I45

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Well this is just strange. I had a stable OC of 3.4 GHz on my Intel Q6600 for 1-2 years. I reseted it back to stock when I was trying to figure out what was making Bad Company 2 crash (it wasn't the OC, some weird driver issue).


So, now that BC2 issue has settled down I want to overclock it back up. I would leave it at stock if I wasn't recording videos and editing them. So I would like that extra boost to speed things up. The weird thing now is that when I set the BIOS to manual overclocking, it will no longer let me adjust the "CPU Frequency Setting." I was previously using the latest BIOS and went back one version. Still have the issue.


What do you guys suggest I do:


Should I keep reverting to earlier BIOS versions?

Should I use the TPower 2 overclocking software in Windows for my motherboard?

Or something else (can't use this as an excuse to upgrade to i7, not enough money :P)?

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I've finally figure it out. It's been so long since I've been in the BIOS and forgot that you change the frequency by using the PLUS and MINUS buttons, not by pressing enter and then changing them :P.


Back up to 3.4 GHz and stable with OCCT. This should definitely speed things up with all my recording and video editing.


Now I just need to get my cable modem back and I'll be up and running.

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